The Myles REvolution

A Revolutionary Way of Thinking

I was born and named Myles  Aaron Reck in Springfield, Oregon in 1966. I was one of 8 children in my family. Music was always to be found in my house, and our house was ALWAYS noisy. Everyone could carry a tune and everyone, except my dad, could read music. My mother made sure that all of us has some degree of music instruction. I never thought that I was deprived as a child even though when I look back, I would suppose that I was considered poor and someone who would have very few opportunities in my lifetime.

My first vocal solo was singing the 3rd verse of a religious song called 'Come Come Ye saints' in church when I was 4-5 years old. My mother started me on piano lessons at age 6. It wasn't until I became a teenager that I discovered that music was one of my God-given abilities. I tried the sports thing and some other things, but I never excelled in them. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had to stretch my musical abilities.

I like to think that I am just a regular guy. But I suppose those who know me would say that I am any thing other than ordinary. Every day presents a new opportunity for growth and experience. Some of these opportunities I have seriously botched, and I have not always had the chance to makes things right. Such is my human experience.

That being said, I have had the opportunity to do many things. I have been able to write music, sing, play a bass in a band (I never toured and I made very little money at it), gotten married, been a foster parent, adopted kids, fixed run down houses to live in, become a public official, served as a volunteer for a NAMM (retail music trade organization) committee, served a church mission in Germany for 2 years, and many more large and small opportunies.

From all of this, I have so much that I want to share to make the world a little bit better place at the time my spirit departs the mortal body experience. 

Music composing has become my preferred outlet for the expression of my experiences and thoughts. Lately I have found the real value of social media. It is too bad I did not understand the whole social network worth until now, but as I have stated verbally, it is never too late to do something new and it is never too late to become something that you had no clue about years before.

When it comes to music, sometimes just plain words just are not good enough. The Myles Revolution is simply a new way of looking at things. 'Write outside of the box.' Think outside of traditional ideas, grammer, punctuation, spelling and notions when it comes to music interpretation. Repeat the same word or phrase as many times as it takes to get you rmessage across.

I once had a song review done by a supposed professional in the music industry. He suggested that I repeated a phrase too many times in the chorus. So what! I thought. My rhyming and message would not be clear enough if I had followed this critics advice.

The older I have gotten, the less offended I am as to what people say about me. So it is also with my music and vlogging. All topics, people and subjects are also up for grabs. I personally think that if you do not want to be made fun of or have someone critic you, then do not become famous, stay in the shadows. Otherwise, you might just have someone make a big to-do about something you said or did. It is okay. Everyone has done stupid things. Stupid behavior is human behavior. Apologize if you need to and then blow off the ridicule. THEN MOVE ON! 

If something that I say or do is objectionable to you, let me know. Speak Up! I do not know everything and I make no guarantees to think and reason in any logical fashion. I change my mind all the time when ideas and perceptions are presented in a unique way to me.

If you think just like me, then you have got some issues. I like to think that those who like me, like me because I am not like them.

I hope that what I share on this site, though music, and social media, gets you to thinking about looking at things from a Myles  Revolutionary perspective.